I LOVE these new Watches how about you???

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  1. Look at these they are FAB!!


    ^ Tambour 18 Fizz £68 000 (OUCH!! but so pretty)

    ^ Tambour 18 Sucre Glace £12 200

    ^ Tambour 18 Chamallow £11 500

    ^ Tambour 18 Reglisse £6 750

    ^ Tambour 18 Pomme D'Amour £6 750

    ^ Tambour 18 Dragee £6 750

    What do you think guys?
  2. omg so beautiful!! i would seriously get one if i had the money!!
  3. wow beautiful!!! if only i had money!!!
  4. Love the first one, but they cost way too much.
  5. They're beautiful. Love the pink one and the pomme colour but waaay out of my league.
  6. The 1st one is gorgeous!!!:nuts: I hope you get one Label Addict so I can live vicariously through you. :P
  7. Woo, they're both gorgeous & way out of my price range!
  8. They're a little glitzy for my taste but the red one is gorgeous!

  9. Stunning! I love watches!

  10. LOL I think I'll get one of each!! Joking I do have my eye on an LV watch or 2 but these babies can wait because they are new.
  11. Ohhhhh I LOOOOVE them!!!! Crap I wish they were affordable. I have such a watch obsession....almost as big as my bag obsession.
  12. wow, those are incredible...but i echo what everyone else said- a bit out of my range!
  13. They're adorable!!....but my fav is the Speedy Twilight which has the diamond Eiffel tower that glows in the dark !!!! {{{sigh}}}.....
  14. Wow they are very nice but the price...ouch!
  15. I like the fourth watch the most... thanks for sharing! :biggrin: