I love these but why are they so expensive at coach.com

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  1. [​IMG]I want to get it to go with my leather mist hobo and i think it would coordinate well. They have the leather mist wristlets at the coach outlet but I want something more fun. How can I get one cheaper ? Does anyone think these will be in the outlets soon. I already have a few wristlets that will serve the purpose, I just can't see paying almost $100 dollars for one when I got a large signature duffle for $100 once at an outlet. I know this shouldn't matter for something I love but it does. Thanks for listening to me whine lol !
  2. i doubt they'll be at the outlets until late summer or next spring at the earliest. but remember, not everything goes to the outlets, it could easily sell out, the scarf stuff is hot

    keep an eye on ebay
  3. I know what you mean about that one. I bought it and carry it all the time but only because I had a credit to use. It goes well with a lot of things. I haven't really seen it show up on Ebay.
  4. I doubt the ergo scarf print will go to the outlets; it's too popular, and when consolidation occurs I bet there won't be enough of the items left. Everyone loves that line. If it DOES go, Court's right, it won't be anytime soon. The wristlet is great, isn't it?
  5. I can't see the picture. What are you looking for? Is it the blue scarf wristlet? If so, the Jeffersonville OH outlet had blue scarf wristlets when I was down there this weekend.
  6. OK, I saw the picture on Coach's website. I don't know if it's scarf ERGO print, but it was a blue scarf print. Is there an older style? They definitely had some kind of blue scarf wristlet down there. There were several.

  7. She's talking about the new Ergo scarf print that was released this Spring.

    Those blue scarf wristlets are adorable though! How much did they want for them?:nuts:
  8. There's a couple on ebay right now . . . they are popular.
  9. Darn it, I can't quite remember. I want to say $79, but just about everything in the store was an additional 20% off.
  10. Well, full price wristlets range from $48-$128. Scarf print is a highly anticipated collection and is very popular, so the bags/accessories are generally a % higher than most.
  11. Thanks for all the great responses and info !
  12. The small scarf print hobos from last year did manage to show up in some of the outlets. However, it seems that the new scarf print wristlets are a hot item. I would keep a look out on ebay too.

    I am a fan of the "buy it when you see it" because I have missed out too many times. grr! (This goes for things other than handbags)
  13. they are VERY hot, i know a girl who for some reason kept bidding on ebay until she paid well over retail. it was a beautiful wristlet though!