I love these boots!!

  1. These boots on Tori Spelling are so cute!! I've been searching online for these but can't seem to find them. Does anyone know the designer? I'm on my feet all day so these boots would be great for walking around all day :p TIA!!
    00 (Medium).jpg
  2. I am not sure if its just on my comp but the image is very very blurry.
  3. blurry here too.
  4. Kenneth Cole Reaction and Steve Madden both make similar styles. I don't know who makes these but perhaps you could browse Zappos by style and I'm sure you'll get some ones you like. Good luck!
  5. moving to shoe forum . . .
  6. oops...didn't realize it came out blurry. here's a better pic. thanks girls!!

  7. Tori Spelling? :sick: :yucky:
  8. cold- :tup: i can't believe you found them!! you're right on that steve madden has a knack for being inspired by other designers :push: the boots look almost exact except that the heel (on Tori Spelling) is sort of silverish and the SM ones look brownish. i'm just crossing my fingers hoping they'll be comfortable since most SM shoes are not.
  9. i love these boots too! anyone know the original designer? i don't really like SM shoes.