i love these bags:)

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  1. what do you thing about tiese bags???:love:
    katemossads2.jpg katemossads6.jpg katemossads7.jpg
  2. I love the first one, do you know the name?
  3. LOVE the second one :biggrin:
  4. I like the two gaucho bags, but I think the last one in croc is quite pricey.
  5. I love the 2 Gaucho's. The 3rd one is TDF. Are you asking because you are thinking about getting one of the three pictured?
  6. I like them all!

    I'm glad you posted this. . .
    don't laugh at me. . . but I was curious if you even liked handbags! LOL!
    You always post celeb threads, I think this is the first non-celebrity related thread from you I've read!
  7. They're not my taste... I wish they would make more different styles than the Gaucho :sad:
  8. That's what I was thinking... :hrmm: :wondering
  9. I wanted to make a post on that-- are the only styles offered this year the gaucho/rebelle? No funky Dior print saddles or anything?
  10. Adore the 3rd
  11. The second one looks soo great, being thrown around and all. :lol:
  12. I love the gauchos.
  13. Love them!
  14. I am not happy with Dior for almost a year now. I haven't seen any bag I like. Bag slump continues...
  15. I like the first one except for its bulkiness.
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