i love the way my lack city with gsh looks but....


Wine nerd
Sep 5, 2006
hi everyone! i just posted a few weeks ago that i got my first bbag ever. the black city with gsh. it is such a gorgeous bag and it's really stunning with the giant h/w. but after days of carrying it, it's really giving me a terrible back ache. i've lessened the amount of stuff i carry in it but it's still too heavy. does anybody have the same problem? loving the look but hating the way it's making me feel. i know vanity has a price but sometimes i wonder if i should just go for regular hardware bags...any opinions on this?
edit: i meant black city- too bad can't edit the title anymore. haha!


My Sweet Bobba-Lou!
Feb 5, 2007
The added weight never really bothered me much, although, I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bags, so, even my RH bags weigh a ton :shame:. Well, that was no help at all, was it?? :confused1:


Ms. GoLightly
Aug 16, 2006
For some reason the gh part-time bags kill me, but the gh work bags don't. I know that thought does not make sense, but I can only attribute it to that perhaps the work is more balanced out in proportion and doesn't have the shoulder strap??? RH bags are divenly light. I have them in the city and work styles as well as my gh works and they are light as a feather


Nov 19, 2007
wow - how odd ... i find my bal bags regardless of HW so light ... so so light compared to my MJs, and Chloes ... you do get use to it though ... mine is a city so not sure if that makes a difference but i dont find it much heavier than my old black twiggy with normal HW. Good luck!


Aug 11, 2006
Hi Chie, Well....i think its mostly because you are pregnant. Im pretty sure after you give birth and have recovered the weight wont be too much of an issue. Its still pretty heavy compared to RH bags but the "wow" factor is totally worth it IMO. My GH Part time weighs a TON! but I still carry it around. Good luck!


Miss Undecisive!
Mar 8, 2007
I agree the gh bags feel heavier, but it shouldn't give you backache!
Can you leave it for a few days and go back to your normal bags to see if the pain disappears? If so, then its the bag to blame. If not, then its prob something else.

Also, are you used to carrying much lighter bags in general? If so the switch is probably a shock to the system! When I first got into Chloe bags (which are really darn heavy) I got quite a sore shoulder for the first week. Then it kinda went away after use. Now I am not sure if thats good or bad :P Good luck and hope your back recovers! x


Jul 16, 2007
When my GH part time gets heavy, I hand hold it or wear it in the crook of my arm. I'm telling you, it makes a world of difference. GH does make a difference...my GH part time is MUCH heavier than my RH work.


Moving right along..
Jul 20, 2007
This is one of the reasons why I can't carry a GH bag. It's heavy to begin with and when I put my stuff in, it's just extra weight and it absolutely kills my back. But I love the way they look, though......:sad: