I love the Vernis but these just make me sad...

  1. my eyes hurt looking at these..:weird:

    I hope no one will fall for this on ebay..
  2. I look at these and wonder what they were thinking...
  3. Someone already bidding on some of those wallets for $1 sth:unsure:
    Wonder what these vernis make of???
  4. Oh my goodness!! :sick: :sick: :sick:
  5. i feel your pain!!!
  6. i love how the fakers always lay out the LV card (which just screams fake) and dust bag and brown shopping bag to make it look more real. I hope ppl know better though.
  7. This is so sad.....
  8. That's really a damn shame.
  9. yup I saw the vernis was popular on Ebay a while ago, price so high...then there comes the fakes!:mad:
  10. I have yet to see anyone make a quality rendition of the vernis. It's always disgusting.
    I have the authentic version of the Peppermint Bedford (not Papillon...geez!) and that just annoys the heck out of me to see someone copying, then selling it for $8. Oh well..my solace is in knowing that theirs will last them all of $8 whereas mine will last forever.