I love the top but does it work with this...

  1. Okay last month in the instyle mag there was a picture of a navy and white striped sweater dress with a orange cotton hoodie and a top like the one shown below. I love'd it and of course can not find the dress anywhere!!! So here is what I came up with but since I need to order both item's just wondered if you think this works? TIA
    _5224668.jpg 79389_KC7012_HOL06_m.jpg
  2. Are you to wear the top over the sweater? Because with that thin sweater it will look odd with the ruffles poking through the sweater.
  3. I like both the white top and the striped sweater on their own. Not sure I'd care much for an orange hoodie over either one... but that's just me.
  4. I agree with Leelee
  5. Can you post a pic of the Instyle outfit, as it's quite hard for me to imagine it?
  6. I like both of those tops, but I can't really picture the outfit you are talking about either...
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