I love the Sophie, but one question!?

  1. how much did the sophie go for price wise anyhow? tia! :heart::heart:
  2. someone said it's $400
  3. I paid $400 for mine.
  4. I want one soooooo bad!! lucky gals who have it!
  5. I love the look but I think I´m too short to pull it of.
  6. Did you get it from Hawaii?
  7. i read on one of the threads that it's gona be US$420?... maybe you can do a search & read up on it...

    yea I want one too! it's gorgeous... have you seen Michelle modelling it? she made it look hot! I think she was the one who made the decision for me :p ... and so I try to tell myself... and blame others for my addictions... :graucho:
  8. yeah I got mine for $400
  9. OMG I would die if we could jsut get it in the US with out this eBay craziness
  10. me too, i was told by 866 recently that USA will not have sophie b/c it's only 7000 made, and only 700 are in HI, the rest is in Japan-Japan's LV price is one of the Highest in the world, but Japanese are die hard LV fan, so i guess it make since for LV to introduce those LEs in there......darn it

  12. if the 47 inch strap is too long, you're more than welcome to switch a shorter length strap, there's also 15 inch gold chain you can use, so i really don't think it's a problem for pp of different height! Instead of messenger style, i believe you can also use it as clutch :smile: No worry, are you going to get one?
  13. I am 5 feet 1 inch tall and when I use the Sophie with leather strap across my body it is a little long (goes to about my hip). I'll just use it that way though. Nothing is going to make me look any taller or shorter for that matter. :smile:
  14. I got mine for $400 no sales tax and paid $20 for shipping from Maui, Hawaii.
  15. hmmm, I keep considering calling my Hawaii SA to get one, not sure if they even have any but.....