I LOVE the Prada Esplanade, love at first sight!

  1. Just two days ago, I would have told you my next bag would be the YSL Cabas bag, I wanted something vintage-looking/classic, structured and has a lot of space.
    Then I walked into Prada, for a little look, remembering how much I liked the look of the Galleria and Saffiano Tote before sighing because I didn't want them since they had become too common.
    Then they brought out the Esplanade and I..was sold.
    It's elegant, classic and has a bold presence. I barely even thought about it, after trying it and carrying it about, I had to have it! No regrets here. :heart::nuts:
    Bag 1.JPG Prada Bag.jpg Prada B.jpg
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  2. Congrats on your new bag! I just received an esplanade bag as an early christmas gift. I had wanted one since its debut in 2016 but the specific color i wanted was constantly soldout in every boutique. I randomly walked in & found it..and it was on sale!
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  3. Congrats! I got mine on 1/1/18. Such a classy bag.
  4. Congrads on your bag! I recently purchased one from Saks. I got promoted into a new role and I got it as gift from me to me. :smile: 20181211_072234.jpg
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