I love the NFL Network!

  1. As the we enter the heart of football season, I have to say....


    If you like football, like I do, this chanel rocks! I am watching 'Game Day' right now....and I love being able to extend the weekend and the games a bit.
  2. so you watch nothing but football? I should introduce you to my boyfriend. LOL

    no but I have been watching the playoffs lately (and I understand them) and I must conclude that I like football out of every other American Sport. Go PATS!!!
  3. LOL, I didn't say I watch nothing but football...but I do enjoy it :smile:
  4. I should see if I have this.. I really like college better but between Eli Manning and Bret Farve (soooo dreamy:drool:) If they both got into the superbowl I'd be so conflicted! lol
  5. what? no one else in this forum loves football?

    well in that case, I can freely say:

    Packers suck

    Redskins suck

    Giants Suck! LMAO