I love the new vernis color amarante! What style bag???

  1. I love the new vernis color! I don't know what style bag to get! I really want the bedford I am usally a big bag girl though! I wouldn't us it for everyday, just for like going out. Any sugestions, thoughts?? :confused1::confused1:
  2. hmm...alot of us are drooling over the sunset blvd. maybe you can join us!!
  3. If you want the bedford...go for it. If you already have big bags, then youll need a mixture!
  4. I am in the same predicament....going to keep my eyes on this thread.
  5. Sunset Blvd would be the *drool* bag. Unless you want something small and simple. Maybe the Reade PM?
  6. if you are a big bag girl. go for that medium size pseudo bowling bag one. i just saw it today, its quite roomy and very cool looking for a Louis.
  7. Sunset Blvd!
    It's on top of my wishlist now.
  8. I love the bedford.
  9. For a special occasion bag, it's hard to beat the Sunset Blvd- it's so drool-worthy :drool:
  10. Bedford would be HOT! the Roxbury would be yummy.... After that none that i've seen. Perhaps one of the new styles but havent seen them yet.
  11. OHHH I just saw the summit drive yummy
    I will keep my eye on it!
  12. omg i'm in love- i just put a pomme one in my dreamcart of pretend.
  13. so am I :yes:
  14. I love the summit drive (bowly) bag in the pics:nuts:.
    The sunset is probably prettier but it might be a bit small for your needs?