I love the new Thank You cards!!!!

  1. They are soooo cute.....I love the new clutch all over the backside of it!!!!!
  2. I loveeeee the clutch! OMG wait until you see themmm!
  3. Do you have a pic of the new Thank you cards? As much as I shop at the Coach stores I never get a damn card ever!!
  4. I just got one for the first time after I bought my legacy bag.

    pursefanatic - I'm going out later and will be buying batteries for my camera. I'll try to post pics of the card when I get back later this afternoon.
  5. Thanks Willowsmom!
  6. snapped a couple of pics
    Photo 82.jpg Photo 84.jpg
  7. Can't wait to see the new clutch.
  8. i've shopped at coach alot but i've never recieved a thank you card..how do they choose who to send it to?
  9. Its supposed to be based on how much you purchased...but I've received them for less than the supposed amount...and not received them when I've spent more than it.... In this case I spent nearly $600 on a single trip.
  10. I think I remember reading a thread awhile ago that it was if you spent around $500 in one trip.

    Pursefanatic -sorry I wasn't able to post pics, but I'm glad shelbell was able to - it wound up being a crazy evening and I forgot to take the card out when I was taking pics earlier!
  11. That card is so cute.:yes:
  12. Oooh.. I received one of those darling postcards from my SA! I called in an order and she had to send me my receipt-- (the item was not in stock) I spent right at $500. ;)
  13. Thanks for sharing..it's ok willowsmom sometimes life can be crazy at times! LOL the card is really cute I love the handdrawness (I know that's not a word but what the heck).
  14. I've gotten one from just a phone order for a 45 dollar dog collar, and one from ms sprinkles herself that was less then 200 dollars, so it could also depend on the SA.
  15. Thank you notes are written for customers who give their name/address + spend 250$ on one purchase, but if the transaction includes an exchange- it is not written.

    If I have a repeat customer or someone who specially requested/ordered from me and spent under $250- I still write them a card. IE. Ms. Aarti :smile: