I Love the MJ patchwork bags, BUT....

  1. I want them to grow. :~) First, I am crazy for the MJ Carolyn, but I want the handles to grow by 1.5", at least. I love the Patchwork Raquel, but I want it to grow longer (wider) by about 3 or 4 inches, at least.

    Therein has been my problem with all bags I have liked for this season. Something needs to be different in size for me to buy it. I would buy the Patchwork Carolyn tonight, but sometimes I just have to put a bag on my shoulder, and I'm thinking the 4.5 drop wouldn't work.

    Does anybody have the MJ Carolyn? Is it light enough so I could put it on my arm or carry it and it wouldn't be too heavy?

    Late (early a.m.) and I've got to get some sleep. If anybody has this bag, I'd love your thoughts.

    Handbags - eLUXURY

    The Patchwork Carolyn is on the upper right. Thoughts? And thanks! :smile: I'll check when I've actually had some sleep to see if anyone has this. Sorry I don't 'do' pics. :sad:
  2. I still LOVE this MJ Patchwork Carolyn. :heart:

    eLUXURY - Marc Jacobs Collection - Patchwork Carolyn Marc Jacobs

    I thought and thought about it, and called Eluxury for "counseling" on it. I asked if it had a strap that could somehow be attached for long-wearing occasions. I knew it probably didn't, and actually it would probably not look right if it did.

    She advised me that I probably wouldn't be happy with it if I HAD to sometimes put it on my shoulder. (I had a hand to elbow injury from carrying a loaded Spy bag for a whole day and ended up in a brace for 6 weeks!) I realized she was right. So...............

    I feel like I 1) Dodged a bullet, and 2) Like dealing with Eluxury even more than I already did. Just thought I'd give them props for being a first-class place to do business with!
  3. this is cute :

    but WHY am i more drooled with this ;)
  4. Jes' - Different strokes for different folks...

    That is pretty, and would have solved all my problems, but just didn't grab me like the Carolyn did. Are you now tempted though? :~)