I LOVE the Matinee!!! *pics inside*

  1. Oh man... I should have NEVER "walked" into the RM forum... seriously. I am in deep deep crap! Well, after tons of research I decided I wanted to get the Matinee and maybe even try out the MAB. I made a couple of sudden purchases yesterday, totally unplanned, but it still didn't quench my thirst. Sooo I went down to Clutch Seattle today (a local store) and made a VERY unexpected purchase. Can anyone guess? :smile:

  2. Star......don't tease us like this.......you're gonna pay for that! ;)

    Did you get me my Matinee in Wine???????!!!!!!!


    I know what is IS!!!!!!!!

  3. OOOHH, I love impulsive purchases!! I am so lucky that no stores around me sell RM!! Let's see!
  4. Keep in mind I didn't plan on buying this, but it was a good deal and the color was way different than it looked online. I even asked Gung and she said she didn't like it, but honestly.... the blue compliments the black... its really beautiful.



  5. hey this is not fair!! I want to know :confused1:
  6. Glazed espresso????

    Ok, wrong! Love it! I think the blue looks great with it. So glad you are now an RM convert!
  7. was it on sale?? is beautiful btw :drool:
  8. I wish it were glazed espresso. I still haven't marked her off my wishlist. I know some of you think the black w/ blue is boring, but when I walked in and saw her sitting there... lonely.... I had to take her home. I have NEVER felt a squishier leather... even softer than my bal bags (which can be kind of thin). Please don't tell the Bal girls.. they'll never forgive me. :smile:

    ETA: It was on sale for $375
  9. LOL! I was too late editing my post!!!! :lol:

    I knew you were looking for a Glazed Espresso.....So.....this is a surprise!!!!

    Congrats! The important thing is that YOU love it!!!!

    So.....you're in love with the Matinee???? Tell us more!
  10. Gorgeous!!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  11. oooh...pretty!
  12. ACK! That's the bag I wanted but they were all sold out at the ss by the time I pulled the trigger! I love it!! Congrats!!
  13. I'm about to head out to pick up my daughter from preschool, but I can take comparison pics next to my Balenciaga twiggy. Its very similar in shape to my twiggy... a bit bigger and more substantial. I'm almost positive I could fit the kitchen sink in this... haha. Just kidding. Its really just sooo soo soft.. I am really impressed with it. I didn't think I'd feel this way about a "so so" color. :smile:
  14. The leather has always looked smooshy on this one.

    Can't wait to hear how it breaks in!
  15. Another Balenciaga/Rebecca Minkoff fan! Congratulations on your purchase, I love the combo of cobalt blue with black. I'm a Balenciaga babe who is hopelessly addicted to RM, and if you thought Balenciaga leather varied, your in for a wild ride with Rebecca Minkoff. I do recommend you check out the leather on the Night Blue bags, as a Balenciaga fan, I'm positive you will go crazy over it.