I love the LV thread...but ever since the release of the Damier Speedy...

  1. Its all I've seen on the thread...Beautiful BAG!! but I need a change of conversationg....SO ...Has anyone heard any thing new about the Fall/Winter Bags???
  2. I want to hear NOTHING about any new bags!!!:lol: But seriously, not yet. I haven't inquired about it either. I should just to get an idea.:idea:
  3. Why? Too much :devil: and not enough :angel: ?

    :P just kidding!
  4. it's just the hype of the release of a (sort of) new bag. it is a beautiful bag, but the excitement does get a little old. it'll die down soon -- hopefully.

    i love the Monogram Miroir bags :love: . when i was in Manhattan last month i asked the SA about it, but he didn't seem to know anything, and maintained that all the latest bags were already on the market :huh: . i'd love to see the Miroir bags in real life.

    miroir speedy.jpg
  5. i would love to see that bag in real life
  6. ^all i can say is WOWSA. i need to see it IRL!
  7. The Miroir backs are in the fall look book. They are releasing the papillon in 26, the speedy in 34 (yes, that's right, 34) and the keepall - I'm assuming 45. They are expected to arrive in stores in December/January.

    The papillon is expected to retail for $1,100 US. I think the speedy was around $1,300 US, and I don't recall the keepall price at all.
  8. Oh one more thing, the Miroir bags are made of PBC (vinyl) with a mirrored coating.
  9. eww...so it has the chance of cracking..
  10. as much as i think those are the neastest looking bags, i will be very reluctant to fork over $1100USD for a vinyl papillon.
  11. We know Irene will snag this one.. LOL

  12. The Monogram Ambre bags are Vinyl and all sizes retailed for way over $1,000. :yes:
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    You know, I think you're right! Irene? Another very cool Speedy for your collection?
  14. I can't wait for the mirror bags! I really want a speedy and a keepall, and if it is released in January or something I can justify asking for money to buy it for for christmas and as an early birthday gift.
  15. I love my Damier speedy, but that doesn't mean I'm not anticipating new bags!!! :angel: Hopefully I will have a great job by then, and I can "stock up" :roflmfao: