I LOVE the Lauren Merkin plum tote!

  1. I recently got the Lauren Merkin large plum tote off her website, from the sale section, and I absolutely love it! It's large, but so unbelievably lightweight. The distressed leather looks nothing like the photo on the website, it's very soft and matte. The bag holds a ton, and the outside pockets are so useful and easy to access. The bag also holds its shape really well, empty or full. I'm not crazy about the lining -- it's sort of "grandma" looking. But overall this bag is a perfect tote for me, when I need to carry a lot of stuff! Also, I got it for $195 on the website, which is down from $575. Actually, I think the bag is overpriced at over $500, but for $195, I love it, because I'll use it a lot!
    laurenm1.jpg laurenm2.jpg laurenm3.jpg
  2. Very cute! Love the color.
  3. That looks awesome on you! Great bag for fall, LOVE it!
  4. I love the way it 'fits'. Hard to tell the color in the photo, but it looks good.
  5. I also like the fit of the purse. You look great with it!
  6. Gorgeous! I had a plum tote in vintage brown and now you're making me miss it. It's so lightweight, yet holds a lot and fits nicely and I love the Lauren Merkin lining. Congrats on your new bag!
  7. Very nice, the colour is beautiful.
  8. It looks great on you....you will get a lot of use from it.
  9. Very nice:smile:
  10. It looks terrific on you, I really like that bag.
  11. Congrats! That's a great deal. I think that Lauren Merkin has some great designs.
  12. That's a nice-looking bag, and great price!
  13. Plum is a great color!
  14. That's beautiful. I feel really stupid, but for some reason I thought she only did clutches!
  15. Is it actually black? I saw it on the sale website and I've been dying to get one, but I'm not crazy about black leather. This one looks more purple-ish...is it?