I love the Furminator!!!!

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  1. My sister told me about the Furminator about a month ago and I was skeptical. But I luv my kitty. So I bought it and it WORKS!!!

    It's a de-shedding tool for pets and it has made my life so much better ... and my allergies. Just thought I would let you guys know. If you have a pet hair problem, the furminator is $40 - $50 and well worth the money!
  2. I agree that they are wonderful - esp for cats. There are some knock-off brands too that do just as good of a job, and are much less expensive (like 8 bucks rather than 50).
  3. Whaaaat...!!!??? $8 where can I get one?
  4. I bought one on petsmart.com for about $20. I haven't used it yet but I heard that it worked really well.
  5. I have one of these... I use it on my big Bagel... She loves it, and it really takes the undercoat off. It was worth the $$$ I paid for it.
  6. I have the medium sized one, and it really is the best brush I've bought for my cat. She has long hair, and during the summer months, she can't wait to get brushed!
  7. hehe. Whenever I use the furminator, I keep wondering how is it possible that there is this much hair on the floor and yet there is still hair on the cat???!!! :confused1:
  8. My mom bought one a few months ago to use on our dogs. It's amazing! Works really well, according to her! :p
  9. isnt it the best thing ever? I have had one for over a year. But I learned the hard way and have to use it outside on the cats. fur EVERYWHERE! It just flys. My cats love it.
  10. I need one! Putting it on the list...
  11. I will have to check this out. I hadn't heard about it before. With all of the hair my cat, Cody, sheds it really seems like he should be bald by now.
  12. I got one of these on eBay and it works really well on my cat who loves to be brushed.
  13. My cats love to be brushed with it! They both have a lot of hair and shed A LOT. It really helps, I can't belive they've got so much hair that just comes out like that! We like it so much that sometimes we go and brush the neighbors golden retriever with it lol. He loves it too!
  14. Too funny! :roflmfao:
  15. i love my furminator too! it is a great tool for getting matted fur out. there is another great pet hair tool, it is a pink squeegee looking thing called Pet Hair Magnet, bought it at a pet store where i got my furminator, this pink one is amazing on furniture, it will pick up pet hair you did not even know you had! really amazing.