I love the Darel Charlotte 24 bag

  1. ....but having trouble deciding what color I like the most (since my funds are limited). I like the black, chocolate brown, or blue. My choice is to buy them all, hehehe.
    The bag looks so nice and the size is perfect for me. I'm thinking maybe black would go with everything.

  2. I love the Charlotte 24 too - I have it in camel and it's one of my favorite bags. I love the blue one! But you're right that black would go with a lot. Good luck deciding!
  3. I have the black and I love it. Simple lines but very elegant. But I agree that all of the colors are just as tempting
  4. I have the chocolate from last season (much better leather than what's out now) and it is very dark, almost black. The chocolate this season is more of a chocolate with a burgandy/reddish hue. I go back and forth on my opinion of the GD 24 Hour. Sometimes I look at it and think absolutely beautiful and elegant, and other times it just looks girlish and ordinary.

    Does anyone agree, or has my recent Chanel/Chloe bender left me bias?
  5. The Chanel/Chloe bender may have jaded you a touch, :biggrin: . Kidding... I feel the same way. Loved mine. Didn't so much. Loved it again. Now, not so much again.
  6. I have the chocolate in pebbled leather, which I bought this winter. It is extrememly soft and buttery, a much better quality than some of the leather I have seen around this season (like tan or blue, that are a more glazed leather).

    I own loads of black bags. They go with my black coats, but I must admit a brown bag is actually much more useful for a day bag: it look good with jeans, summer clothing (perfect with beige, white, blues, greens and khaki), a beige trench coat or any color coat you may have. Black is a too cold against beige and not so great in summer.

    Here again, it depends on you collection!

    I love this bag, but it is a hobo, so it's always good to organise the inside with a purseket or clutches. Apart from that, I love carrying this baby under the arm.
  7. Ever since darel_girl brought her Charlotte 24 back from Paris, I've been in love with this bag! I vote chocolate brown only because its my favorite color, lol.
  8. That's exactly the one I have and found it to be a thicker, softer, leather than the camel I recently sold on ebay. The camel was beautiful, but I noticed a clear difference between the leather on both bags.
  9. I don't think the Chloe/Chanel has made you biase. I mean, the craftsmanship for the GD bag was, well, a reflection of its price tag. Don't get me wrong, I love my GD. The simplicity of the design is somehow very attractive. Regarding color, one can never go wrong with black or chocolate brown. :smile: Personally, I think brown is a little more versatile than black...
  10. Yes, Roey!!! I was so disappointed when I saw the new styles in this drier, thinner leather... Although I saw a white one that was quite smooshy, thick and soft. I hope the fall collection will bring its harvest of thicker leather. :rolleyes:
  11. I bought the cream Darel about a month ago and I've been using it 24/7 since!! :heart: :P I think it's the perfect summer bag, it goes with all my light and/or brightly coloured summer clothing and is roomy enough for a day at the office or around town...

    I would go with brown, as it's easier to coordinate. Personally, I have an overdose of brown bags, but I only wear a black bag when I'm wearing at least a black clothing item!
  12. How about never in love with it? I finally like it enough to use it after months of having it but I am just not in love with it. It's so practicle though, the camel is such a good everyday throw-around bag, fits a lot and looks good with even little in and doesn't get dirty easily. I got compliments for it, but just can't fall in love with it as soon as it became mine. Now I wish I got the white one.
  13. There is a white or ivory on ebay right now.

    Also, there was quite a frenzy surrounding this bag on the boards about 6 months ago. I think we all got caught up in it, and some of us ended up underwhelmed when we received the bag. It happens, I guess, but there are bags that I have that really excite me to use and I'd prefer to use those than one that is marginal, at best, for me.
  14. i DO love the charlotte!!!!
    i love all three colours, but i'd say blue(or black!)
  15. I personally am a fan of brown bags - over black. Brown is a lot more versatile and can be used for work, school, play. Black is a lot more formal. Colors don't do for me unless I'm wearing minimalist. But it really depends on what kind of girl you are and what you're going to wear the bag most with.