I LOVE the Comcast High Definition yule log show!

  1. I admit it.. I'm super corny but I think this is the best thing EVER! I am making christmas cookies right now and I have it on. I love it!

    If you haven't checked it out on Comcast yet, you should...


    Media Advisory: Comcast Brings Back the Yule Log in High Definition

    A Staple Holiday Tradition Revamped For the 21st Century
    Philadelphia, PA - December 5, 2007

    WHAT: The cultural viewing phenomenon of the Yule Log is being brought back to homes around the nation again this holiday season … in high definition (HD)! Based on last year’s resounding HD viewer demand, Comcast, the nation’s leading provider of cable, entertainment and communications products and services, is making the Yule Log available on its HD On Demand service through Jan. 4. Customers can watch the Yule Log any time, whether playing it as the backdrop for a weekend holiday party or on Christmas morning as families open their presents.

    Joining a host of other time-honored holiday traditions like watching “It’s a Wonderful Life,” drinking eggnog or going holiday shopping, television viewers have been entertained by the Yule Log’s cozy glow and holiday music soundtrack since the first version aired in 1966.

    Now families can enjoy a clearer picture of the burning log from a variety of angles, courtesy of their HDTV and HD digital cable service – blending old traditions seamlessly with new technology. Comcast, the first service provider to carry the Yule Log on HD On Demand, features a newly-produced version of the Yule Log filmed in 1080i picture and Dolby 5.1 sound. In fact, the HD version is so vivid, holiday guests may think the television is throwing off heat.

    Last year alone, Comcast customers viewed the Yule Log in HD VOD more than twice the number of times as the standard-definition version, which also is available on Comcast’s On Demand service.

    WHEN: Airing through Jan. 4

    WHERE: Available on Comcast’s On Demand service, in the HD On Demand section under “Yule Log.”
  2. I was so excited to see I got it with my HD package!
  3. aww! i'm jealous! I don't thinks it's silly at all. I imagine it's quite soothing!
  4. I can't access it...do you have to have a special subscription? It says it's not available....boo! I wanted to see the yule log!
  5. As long as you have the expanded cable package with on-demand, it should work!?
  6. Man, I used to love watching the Yule Log at my grammy's house on Christmas!!! :biggrin: