I LOVE the Coach SAs!

  1. :yahoo: So I called a different Coach store in my area today looking for the Carly large signature. My SA called me back and left a message saying he was researching places to get my Carly bag. When I called him back he told me that he had 2 customers that had the Large Carly on hold that expired tonight and that he was closing and if neither of them called him back he'd hold one for me! :wlae: Then I was telling him about my search for purses--said I had bought the Ali that wasn't big enough, wanted the Courier in khaki/ebony but it was sold out, and finally on the search for the Carly. And guess what he suggested--he told me that since the Mandy was going to be available again on 4/15, he suggested that I buy the Mandy in white and he'll put me on the list for the ebony and when it came in he'd let me exchange it for the Ebony!!!! :graucho: I said "Are you SERIOUS? For the same price as I'm paying now?" he said SURE! :yahoo: So I also ordered the matching wallet, in white, to exchange it when the ebony becomes availabe on or before 5/3!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: So I also ordered my daugher the carly demi and 2 charms--and even though I'm returning the 2 first purses, I still spent about $500 more! ooops!

    But thank you for putting up with my purse PCE saga! I love this SA and I think he's going to be MY SA forever and ever and ever! lol! :jammin:

  2. YEA!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I think this week is turning out really well for alot of us!! :yes:

    I can't wait to receive my new sunglasses & pairs of shoes!! The only reason I ended up with those was because of some great SAs as well!!! :smile:
  3. That's fantastic! You've definitely got a great SA there. I agree with Bags4Bubbles - it's a great PCE week! :yahoo:

  4. I agree, the SAs are awesome! I spent more time on the phone with mine last week that with anyone else combined! She is so sweet and helpful and enabling!!
  5. Congrats- you must have a great relationship with your SA
  6. Amy that is so funny because my SA asked the manager and she suggested the same thing so I got the Mandy in khaki/white signature to exchange for the ebony once it comes back in stock. Here is the problem...do not open it and look at it because I never thought I would like that combo but it is beautiful in the white/khaki. I am thinking about keeping it. Congratulations!

  7. Tell me you're not from Pittsburgh! :roflmfao: the Salesguy told me that he had a customer buy it the same way we did but now she is keeping it! I'm not a fan of the white but I'm not going to open it...well, maybe just for a peek! :graucho:

  8. Cool! Congrats!
  9. Hi Amy and yes I am from Pittsburgh and I know what store you got it from and who. I love that store and our SA is a sweetheart. Everyone in that store is so nice. I personally did not like the white/khaki combo until I opened it. LOL I think the ebony/khaki will be just as nice and I will probably exchange it. I did order the Ali in khaki/white because I liked the combination. I do not like it as well as the Mandy so I might exchange it for the ebony/khaki. I have time to decide. Now all we have to do is wait. Did you get anything else?
  10. That great! You'll be getting the bag you really want.

  11. I originally bought the Ali in Khaki/Ebony so if you can't find it when you exchange it, let me know--I'm going to be returning mine because it's not big enough and I can return to th south Hills store for him to hold it for you. I also originally bought the Signature demi for my daughter but she doesn't like how narrow it is. SO, I bought the Mandy for me and the matching wallet in white--both of which I'M exchanging for the ebony khaki when it's available. And for my daughter I bought the Carly demi in khaki/gold with 2 charms. He was sooo helpful--much much more helpful than the third SA I spoke to from Ross park. I'm so excited to finally have the Mandy! :yahoo:

  12. I got to run to work and so far I need to play with the Ali and Mandy a little more but my orginal plan was to exchange the Mandy like you. I saw some pics on eBay of the Ali with ebony and I think I like the Mandy ebony better but still not 100% sure yet but thank you.

    I have been to Ross Park also and did not care for their service although there is one that is nice but for some reason I do not feel comfortable in that store. I love the South Hills store and I have been to Shadyside once and they all seem really nice there too. I am in between South Hills and Ross Park but from now on I will go to just South Hills. Your daughter's bag sounds adorable and I am glad we are both going to get what we want eventually but I love the Mandy. I had the shoulder and it was too small for what I need to put in it.
  13. from my experience, i've gotten so many nice SA at coach. I've come to know a few of them personally too because i've worked around that store
  14. You have to be talking about Jeff at the South Hills store, right? He was such a sweetheart and a huge help to me this week as I changed my mind at least 50 times about things I had ordered!
  15. :yes:

    OMG, yes!!!! :roflmfao: I wonder if Jeff knows he's famous!!!! He was so sweet and so wonderfully helpful! I think he's hooked me for always--I love the SAs that go out of their way to help--he even called me back to tell me he was putting my receipts in the mail, then called me again yesterday because he didn't know if he should put my Carly on hold--(which I don't want anymore since he found a way to get me my Mandy)!

    so if anyone is looking for a large signature Carly in khaki/saddle, the south hills store might have one!