I love the cles!

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  1. I was under some stress this week and so I bought a vernis cles in perle and a cerises cles. :P

    Now I think I started an addiction and I have to have the cherry blossom cles!!:heart::heart:

    I would love to know which ones you guys have.
  2. I don't have one but always wanted one. Congrats on your cles.
  3. congratulatulations, and good luck for your future cles hunt!
  4. i have one i sooo love it :smile: i have the perforated cles in orange which i will have it changed to green or fushia what do you think ? i will post a picture soon for now i dont know how LOL
  5. is it really useful? what can you get in it? im going to Paris next week so thinking of getting one
  6. I have the mono!
  7. i had avoided the cles for a while thinking that it was something that i wouldn't use. i finnaly bought one about 2 months ago to use it strickly as a key chain (i got the vernis perle also & i love the cles and am obsessed with the color).

    i keep the license in it so if i'm going somewhere that i don't need my ag (like taking the kids to school) i can grab just that. it cold hold a few bills (& some change w/o the license) but not much more. for it's very teeny size, i find it extremely usefull.
  8. im with you there its so useful and i so love it, i usually attach to my speedy 30 (my day bag) i put my car keys there so when i need it i dont have to go fishing in my speedy ... love it and love the perfo cles more
  9. jenn4lv where were you able to buy cerises cles i soooo want one :smile:
  10. I have been trying to get one for the longest time! If you are familiar with livejournal, I bought it off a member there. They have a LV community there as well, but its not as fun as TPF.
  11. I have a Germanium Suhali Cles, it's in my showcase
  12. thanks jenn4LV :smile:
  13. I have the damier only now. I sold my Mc white, mandarin epi, and lavender vernis.
  14. I have a clés addiction :love::
    - cerises
    - cherry blossom
    - black mc
    - charms in white
    It's an easy way not to miss a collection you like. I attach them to the D-ring in my noes or other bags or grab them as a credit card/cash holder if I don't need a wallet full of stuff.
  15. Start with:
    *Red cream cb cles
    *Pink pink cb cles
    *Brown pink cb cles
    *Fuchsia vernis cles
    *Bronze vernis cles
    *Marshmallow vernis cles
    *Cerise round cles

    End up with:
    *Brown pink cb cles
    *Fuchsia vernis cles
    *Bronze vernis cles
    *Cerise round cles

    I use my fuchsia daily. Love it! :flowers:
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