I LOVE the Chameleon!

  1. Okay, ladies, I listened to all of your raves about the Chameleon purse liner, and bought one for myself. The thing is FANTASTIC. :heart: It doesn't weigh a thing, is totally flexible so that it fits in all of my bags, and even the small fits well enough to hold all of my stuff. I wish the makeup part (the velcro closeable part) was bigger, but overall this thing is fantastic, and will totally protect the lining of my precious bags. One of my co-workers saw it today, and ordered it for a Mothers Day gift, which I thought was a pretty cool idea. I suggested that my co-worker also get a purse hook from eBay. Neat gift for someone who has everything!

    I am not affiliated with Chameleons, just wanted to pass on my thanks to those of you who turned me onto these, and to forward the idea about making these a Mothers Day gift.
  2. I purchased the large in hot pink after all the raves here and I LOVE it.
    I change purses nearly everyday and it makes it SO easy because I'm always running late in the mornings.

    My mom and one of my sisters fell in love and is ordering themselves one each.
  3. Thanks for reminding me...I meant to order one for my mom for mother's day but I am going to do it right now!
  4. I also purchased a small hot pink chameleon after seeing them on this site. Love, love, love it! What a great idea! :yahoo:
  5. I have one too and love it! My bags have never been so organized!!!
  6. I ordered one for mother's day for my mom. I had the hardest time deciding on color but I ended up with small silver mist. I wanted a light color so she could see her stuff inside of it. I have the small pink but thought the silver mist might suit her better. Oh, I hope she loves it too.
  7. They are the most marvelous invention. I know I change my bag more often because they make it so easy.
    Chameleon-inside-2.JPG Chameleon-out-2.JPG