I love the Burberry outlet in Aurora

  1. So I haven't gone to the Aurora, IL outlet for a while and I decided to take a "sick" day yesterday to check out the new Burberry store.

    Oh what a great find.

    Every shoes and boots were $49 each..I found espadrilles that are still sold in Neiman Marcus for $210 for $49!!!! Promptly I bought two pairs. They also have this purple pumps that was sold for $400++ for $49.

    My other purchases are Burberry golf glove for $9.00 and a toddler rain boots for $19!!!!

    As far as handbags...they have the little pochettes for $99 and the pink barrel bag for $249.

    And of course lots and lots of trench coats for $199...
  2. That sounds really great!!! Someone from the German purse forum was in the outlet in the Netherlands (Roermond) and what she posted about it sounded like Alice in Wonderland (tons of bags and rows of Prorsum coats)... I am going there in April and I hope it's like the one in Aurora.
    Regina :tup:
  3. I just came from the outlet yesterday in North Georgia Premier Outlets and I bought a pair of Candy Check rainboots!
  4. How much did you pay for the candy check rainboots?
    I want the rainboots but in the regular nova check color..wonder if they will ever be in the outlet anytime soon.
  5. You guys are so lucky! I have nothing near by :sad:. Totally Jealous!!
  6. Tench coats 199??? OH my!!!
  7. Bit of bad news, this outlet is temporary it will only be open through 3/31. Apparently, it's at a different location every year.
  8. ^^ Yeah, I heard the SA was talking about that too, but she said, they might extend it because they are doing good! I hope so too!

    OP. I haven't been to that outlet for awhile and when I checked the premium outlet website they have the burberry clearance, my jaw dropped! I went there the next day and man, was I excited! I already have the candy check shoulder bag. I was so tempted to buy another one but I didn't, coz I also heard they are getting more stuffs today (monday, wonder if they got any (?),-time to call!). Anywho, I bought 2 rainboots for my DD, I am planning to go back and buy in every sizes lol. Bought the candy happy scarf for $29.00. Espadrilles wedges too, but it looks weird when worn, the plaid does not align on all of the sandals. Oh well, it's still pretty good deal.
    I also noticed the merchandise are only for personal use and not for resale. I believe there is a 4 limit for each item. But did you do a searched on eBay? They are still reselling :push: oh well, it's their bss. and not mine ;)

  9. They came up to $84.00 with tax. They did not have the nova check, but they did have other colors though.
  10. do u think you could describe the purple pumps? do u happen to have a pic? are they closed-toe? sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance ;)
  11. I can't remember what OP saw.. But I saw this.. I think they have it in every size but 5!


    and the candy check shoulder bags and iron bags!
    I bought mine last 2 yrs ago on eBay for $250. I should've waited! LOL


    Love my phone but the camera suck! :p

  12. wow, that sounds great!

    Regina: Do you have more info on where it exactly is? Or the name, so I can look it up in the phonebook? I think I should go there soon!! lol!

  13. thanks cutiesmile
  14. Wow...haven't been there since just after Xmas -I didn't know they had a Burberry store - now what's the point in going to Michigan CIty, IN to shop at the Burberry outlet there -wow, thanks for bit of info, I might go there tonight if not this weekend.

  15. are they authentic? well anyway thanx for posting those pic..