I love the Anna Corinna City Tote, but can't afford it...

  1. Are there any other leather bags in a similar style that aren't so pricy? I love how it folds over with the longer strap, or can be carried by the short handles...

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. do you have anything that you could sell on eBay and start a fund for the anna corinna?
  3. Good idea! I have a TON of baby stuff that I'm planning to put on eBay or craigslist. Guess I should get started...love that bag.
  4. Gorgeous! Thanks! And I googled it and found that they had a 25% off sale earlier this month. :push:
  5. I've seen it in the glazed black, glazed tan, and white on the sale table for $309 at Nordstrom's in Brea, CA. HTH! This is a great bag, especially on sale or with a code!
  6. I saw a bag that looked just like it at TJMaxx this weekend - I think it was by Liz Claiborne - it may have even been leather. It was less than $100. Very soft in the same exact style. There was another similar style by Cole Haan - this one was from the Village Weave collection, but the leather was amazingly soft. I can't find a picture of the Liz C style, but this is the Cole Haan version:

  7. I don't think it's fair to make such a stink about copying the look - it happens all the time at so many other lower end dept stores. Look how many look-a-like bags Target produces each season. A while back, they had one that looked just like a Balenciaga bag, and recently they copied the Prada tote, MJ's stam, and Chloe's Paddington. No one made a stink about those bags - so why make a stink about this one? Would such a big deal have been made if S&B produced the bag under their own name? Or was it because SJP was affiliated with it??
  8. Well, considering SJP is famous for her role as a fashion fanatic on SATC I don't think it's right for a brand she's associated with to make an "inspired" bag. I know that tons of companies make inspired bags but it seems like an oxymoron for SJP to be part of that IMO.
  9. Not sure how low of a price you would like but many of the sites that sell anna corinna (luna boston, revolveclothing.com, shopdollyrocker.com) have codes for discounts. Right now luna boston has luckybreaks3 for 25% off and revolve first time customers get 25% off. Check grechenscloset.com or toutie.com for codes!
  10. I was back at TJMaxx tonite and they still had the bag I was referring to - It is by Liz Claiborne and it is made of leather. It's also lined with suede (well, not actual suede but it feels just like suede!) - The style of the bag is just like Anna Corinna's (with a shorter handle & a longer adjustable shoulder strap) - the main difference is that the shorter handles is a little bit longer than the AC version. The bag was selling at TJM for $99. (I'm sorry - I forgot to look at the style name!)
  11. I think this one by Kenneth Cole is very nice, it is $368.


  12. You can find plenty of k/o's around. I saw one at a local boutique that had me fooled until I felt the bag (pleather). Urban Outfitters also had one last year.

    H&M currently has an inspired by the City Tote. It is metallic, but does not have the longer attached strap.