I LOVE small LV items, they're like little treasures!!!!

  1. I don't know what it is, I just can't ever get enough!!! I love using LV stuff in all my "other brand" bags too!!! Anyone else share my "little treasure" obsession?? Pochettes too, even though they fall inbetween the accessory/small bag category, I always want more of them too, my DH always says, "don't you have one of those already" just b/c it's the same style doesn't mean it's the SAME....lol!
  2. cute cute cute!! I'm loving the cles, the framboise agenda, the mini HL and the damier trousse makeup bag...oh what the heck I love em all!!
  3. so cute...thanks for sharing..
  4. Wow, you have a lot of beautiful little items. I love them.
  5. oh, I forgot my MC pochette but apparently the picture I took is too big to post....oh well you've all seen them before.......
  6. Love all of your items...especially the mandarins!:nuts:
  7. You have a great "small LV items" collection!! Love them all!
  8. I love them all.
  9. thank you! I love the mandarin too, I'm trying to decide if I need a small agenda or something else in it before I can't get it anymore......I have to admit.....though it does hold up well, it's still much more difficult to keep up with than a canvas, especially the mandaring color, I don't mind it ALL that much, but I was just giving some of my things a cleaning and I've noticed wear on my mandarin epi speedy that I totally didn't realize before, the corners are also super hard to keep looking newer on the accessories....oh well....
  10. What a cute collection!
  11. What a great collection! :nuts:
  12. Your large collection of your small LV's is amazing! loves it!
  13. thank you!!!! One of these days maybe I'll put my full collection on the appropriate thread......it's sooo much fun to hear people appreciate this stuff like I do, most of my friends could care less so I don't let them know I have a "bag closet" and two huge drawers in my dresser for accessories LOL!
  14. :heart: :heart: your collection:flowers:
  15. very nice :biggrin: