I love Sissi Rossi too.

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  1. I recently adored those Italian soft leather bags, so as you known I got a moni moni splendor. Another brand Sissi Rossi seems has same quality as moni moni, both of leather are slouchy & distressed. But Sissi Rossi's leather is lighter than moni moni and more colorful. I got a pink bag from yoox.com. and I wanted more!!!

    I just checked the site again and it got some new bags, here are some style that I like: What do you think?

    sissirossi_01.JPG sissirossi_02.JPG sissirossi_03.JPG sissirossi_04.JPG sissirossi_05.JPG
  2. one more pic here:
  3. Here is my bag...a close shot of the leather and see how soft it is.
  4. Love the look of them and your pink bag looks so-o-o soft!
  5. The pink bag looks wonderful! Gonna check out their site.
  6. i love this one :drool: