I love shopping in my closet! :)


Proud Handbag Addict
Dec 31, 2007
New Jersey
I have been on the hunt for a nice black bag, easy to care for, not heavy, big enough for all my stuff and something that can take the winters here in NJ. Last night went into my closet and starting pulling bags off the top shelf and going through them. I pull a beach bag down and I see a coach box in the corner, not sure what it is I get the DH to get it for me since I can't reach and I don't know if it's empty or not. I open it and low and behold there is my large sigi black/black Zoe I purchased at macys 3 years ago! I remember using it but it's been a long time. Forgot about it, now I am so in love with it, hunt is over for the perfect black bag and I didn't have to spend a cent! :biggrin:


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Oct 20, 2007
Between a FP store and an outlet
LMAO! Same thing happens to me all the time. Sometimes I make myself rearrange the closet shelves where my bags are so I can see what's at the back. Last time I did it, I found my large black leather Carly---what a bag!
Nov 15, 2009
Lucky you! I don't lose any of my bags because I only have 6 of them so they're on a short leash! That's awesome you found what you needed without spending more money, that's always a plus


Jun 11, 2010
What a great surprise. I only have 7 bags so I would not be so lucky to find an extra bag in my closet that i forgot about. However I do find clothes I forgot I had and am happily suprised. You should post a pic of it. :biggrin:


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Aug 10, 2010
Los Angeles
That happened to me once. I was looking for small bag to carry around and I found this little khaki datchel all the way in the back of my closet. I shouldtake a picture of it. Im sure u guys would know what it is.