I love Raspberries, Dragonflys and Animals Reveal!

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  1. Thought I would share my PCE goodies with you. I've only included mod shots since all of these items have already been revealed by others. Pic heavy, so grab a coffee , sit down and enjoy the show!

    First up is the Anna Sui Dragonfly Duffle .
    Second is the Textured Leather Carrie in Raspberry
    Thirs is the Haircalf Clutch

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  2. Gorgeous items, love them all, especially the Dragonfly bag. Congrats.
  3. Gorgeous goodies! Twins on the raspberry Carrie - I'm using her today and I LOVE this bag!!!
  4. Awesome haul! You got some great stuff with PCE. Enjoy them :smile:
  5. Congratulations on everything! I moved into my dragonfly the day after she arrived and haven't moved out yet! It's just so soffffft and the leather is just amazing.
  6. Congrats on ya new gals
  7. Beautiful bags!! And..I love your dress!!
  8. What great choices! I'm particularly smitten with your Carrie- that's a bag I could see myself buying multiples of (the size is perfect and I LOVE that textured leather, too). Congrats, they look tres chic on you! I almost love your dress more than your bags (I know, travesty). Very Jackie-O in terms of simplicity and elegance.
  9. Love them.....such classy purses! They look great on you and your outfit is very put together! Nice globe too....
  10. Thanks everyone!! I think I have to put myself on a ban now and hopefully stick to it!
  11. Gorgeous bags! Congrats they all look fabulous on you!!
  12. I love the Carrie too. I think it's a great size and I love the textured leather! Thanks for the compliment on the dress, I pulled it out of the closet to takes photos as I was looking for something light enough in colour to show off the bags. Can you believe I have never worn it yet, tags still attached. I forgot how much I liked it, but I don't go out that often where I would wear a dress so I guess that's why it hasn't been worn yet!
  13. Gorgeous haul, my dear!!! Loving the raspberry & the clutch :smile: Congrats!!!!
  14. The clutch looks awesome on you!
  15. Gorgeous! Everything looks awesome, great choices!