I love Poor Cat!

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  1. I have a few charms by them, it's a NJ based company, all the jewelry is made in this state. They make sterling silver and 18k gold charms. They mainly focus on using a slipknot leather bracelet as the main way to wear them... you can choose the leather color, how you want the charms to be set up, whatever you want. The standard is a satin finish, but you can ask for polished.
    I am a bit biased, because i am from NJ, but I do love their style!
  2. I too am originally from NJ. Whereabouts is this company in NJ? It looks very familiar but I can't place where I have seen it before. The bracelets look really cool.
  3. AHHHHH I've wanted to go in that store forever! I love their logo!!
  4. Red Bank, on Broad St.
  5. I was more mid to South Jersey. I have heard Red Bank is beautiful though. Cherry Hill and Collingswood areas.
  6. Thanks for sharing. I love the skull one!