I love nicole's whole vampy look here! :)

  1. i loved it and just thought i'd share! i love the hair.. :smile:

    nicole richie.jpg

    nicole hair.jpg

  2. she looks very classic here~~
  3. Very cute, 70's retro. Love it!!!
  4. i think she's gorgeous! needs to eat a lil more. but cute none-the-less :smile: great sense of style!
  5. Very stylized and done-up....yet, I like it! Heck, I *might* look that nice if I spent 10 hours with a hairdresser, makeup artist, and stylist....for those all important dog-walks yanno!!!
  6. I love her outfits, they're adorable! Her style is so cute. Thanks for posting, pixie!
  7. I love that look!.She looks cute!
  8. I love the look but the sunglasses look downright silly. They're barely perched on her nose!!!
  9. hm.. walking a dog in 3 inch heels - i could never do that.
  10. Just like the thread of Mariah walking her dog in 5 inch stilettos. Very strange.

    She does look amazing here and I love the outfit. EXCEPT for those sunglasses. I know that's her thing, but they really do look silly. They are way too big for her little head.
  11. I love this look on her, she's such a cutie pie, I hope she really starts taking better care of herself.:tender:
  12. she's got a nice look there but i swear if she turned sideways she would disappear.
  13. i double posted so i thought i might as well just another pic. i want this dress that's why.

  14. you're welcome!:smile:
  15. I love the outfit... she looks amazing; the only bad thing, the glasses are a tad to big.