I love Nicole Richies Sunglasses!!!!

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  1. She has the BEST sunglasses... Does anyone know who designs most of her sunglasses? I LOVE IT! on the newest simple life she was wearing some cream colored ones when HAWK was talking to the people who just came out of the bus. Those are super cute! Are those the M Missoni Vintage ones on Nieman site? Is there a website that tells all the sunglasses Nicole has.. Where does she buy her sunglasses in LA?? Thanks all
  2. she wears alot of vintage + chloe.
  3. where does she buy her vintage ones? any particular brand of vintage that she wears?
  4. i think she also wears 'dita' sunglasses a lot... thin, bug- like v. large frames...
  5. yeah...she wears her chloe 2119's ALOT....she caused them to sell out EVERYWHERE..ugh, I cant even find a pair and Im willing to pay premium...
  6. can i see a picture of her in the chloe 2119's please
  7. oooo i think i have those... nevermind