I Love New York, PART 2

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  1. Click

    :popcorn: [​IMG] :s
  2. that commerical is cheesy . but i still cant wati for it to start!
  3. That commerical looks more like a promo for low buget porn :roflmfao: .
  4. it's interesting. but the commercial was super cheesy. and did she get a boob job?
  5. as much as i can't stand her, i know i'll be watching this show :shame:
  6. yeah she looks like a porn star they're disgusting.....
  7. I think New York and her mom are train wrecks...sorry to anyone who loves them:smile:
  8. ugh.. what is that commercial about?? i dont live in the US.. didnt get it really lol
  9. Doesn't look interesting at all.
  10. Flava Flav was in the third season of The Surreal Life. (The Surreal Life is a reality show where former celebrities live together in a house.) On that show, he fell in love with Brigitte Nielsen.

    After The Surreal Life ended, Brigitte and Flav got their own show: Strange Love. It chronicled thier relationship.

    That relationship didn't work out. The whole time, Brigitte was engaged to someone else.

    Flava got his own show: Flavor of Love. In the show women compete to be Flava Flav's lady. (Each contestant is given a nickname by Flav, because of his self-admitted drug problem and his ensuing bad memory, and is referred to by that nickname for as long as they remain in the competition. The bad spelling is all his.) New York was one of the competitors. She got all the way to the finals, but Flav wound up choosing someone else (Hoopz).
    His relationship with Hoopz didn't work out, so there was a second season of Flavor of Love and new girls came to compete.

    New York returned in the sixth episode to help Flav choose someone and Flav decided she should be in the running, too.

    Again, she gets all the way up to the final episode, and Flav chooses Deelishis.

    I Love New York is her own show where she chooses the right guy for her.
  11. That woman gets on my last nerve!!!! The way her eyes are always closed while speaking irritates the crap out of me. Don't even get me started about her mother...

    And yet, I'm certain I will end up watching an episode or two just to experience the trainwreck....:rolleyes:
  12. Yes, she irritates me too ! but like i said, I know Ill be watching. :shame:
  13. Oh, I am so excited....

    As anyone seen how chunky she looks in the promos? I'm not sure if it's the new boobs or she has gained some weight. Fluxuating weight is definitely not good for you.
  14. wooo hooo! shes one bad ass *****. :graucho: