I Love My........

  1. ....Roxanne!! :yahoo:

    Hey maniacs! I'm usually in the BV forum, but I lurk here occasionally (when y'all are sleeping 8 hours east) and wanted to share how much I love LOVE LOVE my Black Darwin Roxy! I've owned 4 Mulberrys but sold 3 because the size (Blenheim) or finish (antique glace) didn't suit my lifestyle, but I still appreciate the brand & gorgeous leather.

    This is my second rainy winter with Roxy and I've used her over 3 weeks straight.:shocked: This is a record for me as I usually change bags every few days, especially since my others are so delicate. I am happily stunned again at how great she is... for instance:
    • I adore how Roxanne's buckles don't bother fussy-ol-me and how they look when they're hanging backwards, flailing about, flaps standing tall with files inside...:girlsigh:
    • I'm amazed at how hardy she is - I can toss her around and not *FREAK OUT* :wtf: over every speck of dirt/water, or hard corner that might cross paths. Weather? No fear!! (black sure helps, LOL!)
    • I'm shocked that I don't give a darn that she's primarily hand-held :nogood:
    • I fancy her outer pockets that are missing from my other bags
    • I just love her! (and I never see another where I live :sweatdrop:)
    I love her sooooooo much it makes me want to get more Mulberry bags again =)))


    So now let's hear from you! Take a moment to wax poetic about your favorite Mulberry bag..... which bag do you just love:heart:Love:heart:LOVE and why???

  2. Hahahaha!! Hello!! For all the reasons above is why I love mine too!!!!I have to get my thinking cap on and start waxing lyrical!!!
  3. Well! Blugenie! This is so interesting. Because in my thread that I started, wondering whether I should get Annie or Roxy, everyone seemed to downplay the Roxy, and play up the Annie... And here you come along and say everything I've wanted to hear about the Roxy! This is what I want, a slouchy, tough wearing and tough looking satchel. You have any modeling pix of you and your Roxy?
  4. And to answer your question. So far, of the three Mulberry bags I have: Rosemary, Bayswater, Antony.... I use my Rosemary the most (which makes me think I'll love Roxy) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Antony. Whenever I use my black Antony, I feel FABULOUS! The Mulberry logo makes me feel special and top of the line chic!
  5. Its strange,but I always think of my roxy as a bit of a *****!! And that makes me put up with her unruliness!!! Swinging straps,short handles,a pain to get in and out of on the move coz of the double flap top.But I just love her!! Shes gettin all beaten up,Sophies had a go at teething on her,but the hardnosed ***** jus takes it all in her stride with a 'whateveeeeeeeeer' or 'bring it on *****es'!!! I can imagine her behind the bike sheds at Mulberry HQ smoking,drinking and snogging thoroughly unsuitable boys and everone loves her cos shes such a rebel!!!!!!!
  6. I don't think I want to bump into your Roxy down a dark alley :biguns:
  7. Can just imagine her - short skirt, leather biker jacket, bright red lipstick, hips swinging as she makes her way down a narrow, dark lane with the moon behind her and the sound of Sting's gravelly voice ' Roxaaaaaannne' - enough to send shivers down your spine!
  8. Her cousin Mabel is alot more refined........

  9. Yep,thats how I look at her as well!!! A real sassy,slightly shabby broad!!!!

    And yes,the Mabel is much more refined!! So is the Annie,Rosemary etc,weird I only think of Roxy this way!!!
  10. Wow, Roxanne really brings out the bad girl in all of us!

    How then, do we feel about Ms. Bayswater? For me, she's so damn chic and tranquil. She's got a solid personality, you can always count on her... She sets her own style and is totally confident that she's perfection. She holds her own in any situation -- and is your best gal pal.
  11. Yep,chic,elegant and is so well mannered she would make HRH Madge feel a bit of a slob!! Definately the type of gal you want as your wardrobe advisor,as it just seems effortless with her!!!
  12. wow youve got me thinking about the roxy now!!
  13. And Rosemary is the younger, adolescent sister that wants to be just as "*****y and hip" as her older sister......?
    TropicalGal - would you agree????
    Man, there are way too many Mulberry bags that are tugging at me.....
    Hanover, Rosemary, Rachel.....but Rosemary the most.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    You described her personality perfectly! I love it! She's also DH's favorite ***** ~ I'm thinking cuz she's everything I'm not! (too stuffy, LOL) I love how she looks from behind too, all slovenly like she just spent a night at the bar and if you tap her shoulder to go in the morning she'll turn around a punch you in the face :boxing:

    TropicalGal I'm glad you're going for Roxy too! I'm not much for action shots, but here's my kick-ass broad....
    roxy1.jpg roxy2.jpg roxy3.jpg roxy4.jpg
  15. Hahahaha!! Does she stay out all night on you too,and then smartmouths you when she stumbles in??!!!!
    I dare'nt say anything,coz she'd smack me one!!!:roflmfao: