I love my weekend postman - blue slim Carly is here already!

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  1. Everyone else comes around here in the afternoon except for my Saturday morning package guy - 9:00 a.m.! The bag is :drool:. Even nicer than I was hoping for. Every auction I looked at, it was a TOTALLY different color. I think it turns more "teal" with the flash on. The pics are pretty true to color. I would call it a light-medium dusty blue. The strap and accent leather gets a little bit of a different blue/green cast in the sunlight. It is larger than my medium Carlys were, which is GREAT - I sold them because they were just too small to put everything plus my Coach sunglasses case, and zip it up without the zipper getting all wanky. I'll post a modeling pic later on when Im dressed. I am just waiting on my mahogany patent wallet and I am DONE for a while! (well, except outlet vacation finds, but you have to get stuff on vacation!)

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  2. It is a gorgeous colour! :drool: Congrats! Hope your wallet comes soon too!
  3. They had these at my outlet w/ matching wallet I was sooo tempted!! If I see them again i'm going to have to cave!

  4. Oooh matching wallet...adding that to my "outlet dream list"!!
  5. Very Nice!! I was looking at that on ebay.
  6. getting all wanky:roflmfao: I love it!!!

    Yes...it is a GORGEOUS bag!! I would love to see modeling pics! I decided to sell mine so I could get another bag. So enjoy yours, it looks beautiful with everything!!!:yes:
  7. wow i LOVE it, congrats! i love the nj post office for delivering packages i always get mine early
  8. Pretty color! dusty blue huh. I may need one of those! I have been wanting something blue or possibly green for awhile!
    So its bigger than a med. carly, awesome. my med is too small for all my stuff as well
  9. That's a gorgeous color! Congrats.
  10. I saw these at my Outlet and it's a real pretty color. Congrats!
  11. woooo hoooo! I love this carly and the color is tdf! Congrats!

  12. LOL that cracked me up too!

    Congrats on your new bag donnalynn! I bet that brown patent french purse will look beautiful with it! I love blue and brown together. :yes:
  13. Congrats she is beautiful, hubby did great. I am sure you will appreciate your gratitude :graucho:
  14. That's a beautiful shade of blue!
  15. Don't you just LOVE it?? The color is so gorgeous in real life.