I love my Valentino Mini Historie Bag

  1. I just got it, its S/S 08....its red patent leather soooo cute
    DSC01844 (Medium).JPG
  2. ooh that is sooo cute! how much is it? congrats!! :love:
  3. Love it! lucky you!
  4. it was 8800 HKD so its about $1125 US
    only the red and white patent are available all the other colors are display only
    there was a navy blue patent that was really nice too but that was only a display as well
  5. omgosh I love it too! :heart:
  6. Great Bag!
  7. Gorgeous! I was eyeing that one too!!
  8. I never knew they had a mini in this!....can i ask how big is it?
  9. Is this like the one Angelina Jolie's baby Zahara had?? It's too cute! And in my favourite colour too... keep an eye on it, I might just snatch it! LOL
  10. LOVE IT. Angelina's daughter had the white one and I thought it was just a replica bag but I guess not. SO HOT.