I love my Urban Decay Naked Palette!

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  1. I find myself using Buck when I just want to do my brows and wear liner and lashes. It's a good neutral.
  2. Oh wow... shock me to see a thread started by me almost reaching 100 page. And the good thing, till today, it is still my go to palette. ^_^
  3. LOVE this palette :smile:
  4. I was ulta yesterday and there were plenty of these palettes. I hope they keep them in stock.
  5. My mom loves my Naked Palette so much, she got it for herself :biggrin:
  6. I love this palette sooo much... It rocks!:rochard:
  7. Definitely my holy grail item ♥ Can't live without it. I just wish sidecar, smog, and half baked wasn't so shimmery and glittery =[ I love wearing these colors but sometimes they are too glittery for work but nonetheless they are still my favorite.
  8. :woohoo: GREAT thread!! And a fave UD palette of mine too!

  9. I can't wait to receive this in the mail! A wonderful friend headed over to the US and managed to grab one for me :smile: We don't have an UD stockist here in Oz so it sucks and eBay sellers love rorting us internationals LOL
  10. I love, love, LOVE this palette. Although I have other palettes, it's the only one I use regularly. It's perfect for day AND nightwear. :smile:
  11. You're welcome :smile:

    I finally received my palette after waiting patiently for about 20 days!!!

    And the palette looks dazzling, great purchase you won't regret it.
  12. Is it just me? I have a hard time using this one me.. I'm blond, NC 20 and blue eyes. I use the gold a lot and the pink, brown, but having a hard time with some of the deeper colors. Especially the purple...
  13. Purples are my favorite - any shade of violet, eggplant, etc. . . but I have hazel eyes and I find purplish tones to bring out my eyes the most. I'm fair w/ reddish undertones and also blonde.
  14. i just got mine yesterday and i cant wait to try it!!!:yahoo:
  15. Love this pallette.