I love my Urban Decay Naked Palette!

  1. Beautiful!!! This is my fave look yet, and your comparison info. is awesome, thanks so much!!! :biggrin:
  2. Good questions - I am not a fan of glitter shadows, so that is what has kept me away from the other UD palettes, despite my love of the colors. The shadows in this one are of very high quality, though. I am very impressed with them, and would say that they are def. better than several higher-priced lines. The eyeliners are the best pencil-style liners on the market as far as I am concerned as well. As for the primer...it works like a charm, but I still am annoyed with the packaging. But I can live with it for the rest of the palette. :p

    I can't believe that I made it this long as a cosmetics junkie without trying the Naked shadow (the palette has an actual color by that name). It is so simple yet beyond beautiful.
  3. Whoooooo???? Me?????? :whistle:
  4. ^Glad to see that I am not alone. It is so pretty I have also considered getting another one and would definitely do so if it were LE.

    The makeup gods were smiling on us though when UD decided to let this one be permanent. They would be idiots to do otherwise, IMO, 'cause this is ONE.CASH.COW. :p
  5. As much as I love the idea of having a 12-eyeshadow palette of great neutral colors...the devil's advocate in me can't help but wonder...what was this company thinking by making this a permanent staple?? By putting full-size eyeshadows in the palette and offering it at a vastly lower price, no one's going to want to buy the individual eyeshadows in these colors anymore! Not sure how smart they were being with this decision.
  6. I wish I could find this! My local Sephora doesn't carry it, and it's sold out online. And I'm not paying the insane prices that it's going for on eBay.
  7. @oceansportrait: seriously you make a good point. you can get 12 very usable shades for $44 (not to mention the eyeliner and UDD), versus 3 individuals for $51 if you bought them separately! I'm pretty sure most people can use at least 3 shades to make this palette worthwhile!
  8. I have a feeling this palette will generate sales for them from the "non UD" buyers like myself. I dont buy their shadows, but this palette is luring me in, so once I use up my favorite shadows from the quad, I'll most likely buy the singles of those colors...plus, it lets people try the fantastic 24/7 liners, which once you try, you will forever buy :biggrin:
  9. im going to new york in a month and we dont have it over here yet- which stores will be selling it, other than sephora?
  10. i've been lusting after this palette since i saw the promo pics on temptalia! if only i didn't have so many e/s already :sad: the colors look great on you though, OP!
  11. Really want this!! My beauty ban is over August 1st!
  12. thanks to Lo's enabling :smooch: and now reading that it's gonna be permanent I'll likely snatch up one of these too. But if they're pretty much sold out I can wait :graucho:.

    On the topic of shimmer/not shimmer, thanks, OP, for the scoop! I do love my BOS but 'tis true they are a little shimmery and some are more prone to fallout than others (Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is NOTORIOUS for glitter, glitter everywhere!). UDPP is a bust on me so I use MAC Paint Pots which does help a lot.

    And I completely agree the UD liners are a-mazing. They go on super light, meaning you hardly have to press hard to put them on and are fab on the water lines too. I have Zero (black) and Rockstar (maroonish/whiskey color)...

  13. @needanotherbag : I do think you have a good point! I certainly have never purchased any UD e/s palettes b/c they're far too bright for me. I don't need a big palette of bright shades, but I do need a good palette of neutrals. I usually buy small trios or quads of bright colors so I don't spend a ridiculous amount on e/s.

    @pursegrrl : I love rockstar too! My favorite purplish eyeshadow, has a hint of color to it!
  14. OMG! This is great! I'm loving all the reviews on this one! I def. need to start using mine! I bought it when it first released and haven't touched it since :push:

  15. Oh that is so nice of you. I live in Amsterdam, and I know for sure that they don't sell Urban Decay here..we have a Sephora but they don't sell UD, Nars, Stilla.
    So UK is my best option:smile: I really appreciate it. Thank you so very much