I LOVE my UPS man!!!!

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  1. He brings me such treats!

    Today he brought me a gorgeous new Smoke Mahala!!!!!!! YAYAYAY! :woohoo::yahoo::jammin:
  2. Your post made me laugh! Congrats!
  3. Oh, do post pics! Lovely bag:girlsigh:

  4. Congrats!! Now we can be twinsee's:yahoo: Enjoy it in good health :okay::heart:
  5. Congrats, I want one!!!!
  6. Here are some pics! It's not nearly as light as the pictures show, it's much more of a true smoke color. I wish I were a better photographer!

    Yayay Twins! LOL

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  7. ^^Hot Bag!
  8. Great bag! Congratulations ! You will love the Mahala!
  9. YAY Grace123 ~ CONGRATS!!! :choochoo: What a gorgeous Mahala!!! :love:
  10. I took a pic of mine and it came out the same way. I took it with and without flash. When the store sent me a pic in an email, also looked the same. I told them it looks like off white and they said "no, it's the color of smog":roflmfao::roflmfao:. If I had to pick another name to discribe the color I would call it Putty!?!? I'm going to break mine in tomorrow :tup: When are you going to take yours out for a walk?? Enjoy :cloud9:
  11. Thank you, ladies!

    Bichon, I'm going to load her up tonight and take her out for a spin tomorrow. I'm going to Wilson her first tonight tho, I don't think it'll rain tomorrow, but you can't be too careful. :yes:
  12. Is Wilson a weather proofing product? I've been wondering if everyone is putting any products on their handbags? I never have because I was told by someone you really have to be careful not to get it on the hardware so I've been chicken.

    What is everybody doing??:confused1:

    Enjoy your day out tomorrow :yahoo::woohoo::wlae:
  13. Yes, it's from Wilson's leather and it's the best product I've found. I use it on all my bags, from Bbags to Coach. It's never failed me and I've never had any problem with hardware. In fact, I've not heard of that issue before? If I get some on the hardware, I just wipe it off or sometimes I leave it. No biggie.
  14. Cool. Thanks for the info:tup: Have fun with your new toy!!:heart::yes::heart:
  15. Congrats, love the Mahala - and what a great color!!