I Love My Speedy, But....


....ever ours
Feb 10, 2006
.....I really, really need a handheld bag in black. I seem to have plenty of black shoulder bags but no bags that are meant to be held in the hand. And I REALLY want one. I carry a lot so it needs to be roomy like a speedy. I would probably use it a lot and for a long time so I want something I am in love with. I tried to look for a Chanel at Sak's a few weeks ago but I couldn't get waited on! (It was so annoying! Only one SA and she was at the Gucci counter and on a private call and completely ignored me!) Frankly, where I live, the bag selection in general is very limited. I mentioned Chanel but I would welcome suggestions from both ends of the price spectrum. It's not about the price or the "name"...it's about finding the bag that I'll love! :love:
Hmmm..your suggestions are helping me narrow my focus already. For this purchase at least, I don't want to go with LV. I'm definitely leaning towards something not too structured and with great leather.
The Balenciaga black City. I love mine! I am not a fan of black bags but this one is a classic, beautiful hand-held bag with an optional shoulder strap.
Here are a few suggestions...





This comes in black...

Good luck in finding something that you love :love:

Wowzer, Happypug...you found some great bags! I recognize them all but the 3rd and 4th ones. Which are they?

I almost bought a green MJ Venetia once. It was at Nordstrom Rack for $299.00. Been kicking myself ever since.