I love my SA

  1. Having my SA holding a Med black and a med white lamskin classic flap on Jan 30 since I could not make up my mind which color I was gonna go with. Thought the price would be increased on Feb 1, so I told her that I was gonna pay on 31. But she called me on Jan 31 telling me that the price increase was already in the system:crybaby: and she was not sure whether she could still sell it to me at the original price cus that was a hefty increase. I was so frustrated and wanted to kick myself for not purchasing a day earlier, and "begged" her to find a possible way:shame:

    This morning, she called me back, asking for my Credit card info. I am soooo thrilled that she managed to sneak one for me at last. So I bought a Med black classic flap in lambskin w/ silver chain at 1750+tax! !!!!!Saved more than $400! She definitely made my day!! hahahahaha~~ :yahoo:

    Still waiting for the bag being mailed to me, but can't wait to share with you gals! Thanks for the great info about the price increase! You gals rock!!:flowers:
  2. Congrats on your purchase!!! Lovely SA:yes:
  3. she gave you some kind of discount? a medium black costs $1595 before the increase.
  4. Your $1595 is Caviar skin, and hers is Lambskin which costs $1750

  5. awwww, thats such a nice SA!! congrats on your purchase!!!
  6. Very nice SA !!
    Congrats on your Classic !!
  7. Sweet! Congrats.
  8. very cool...congrats!
  9. Awesome!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  10. that's really awesome! hurrah for fab SAs!
  11. congrats!! :love: Your SA is such a sweet lady!!
  12. Congrats!! That's an awesome SA!
  13. Thank you all for your congrats! My SA is very sweet and very "powerful":graucho: . Rumors are that she has the privilege to pick all the good ones that goes on sale and reserve for her customers. I am glad that I have her. Sometimes you just need to find the right person to do the right job :yahoo:
  14. Wow! I'm so happy for you. You've got a great SA.
  15. You're so lucky to have a found such a great SA. And congrats on the new bag!