I LOve my SA!!!


Look out Singapore!!
Jan 10, 2006
So I went to Bloomingdales in NYC just to check out what they had and my SA knows my tastes and she showed my a silver resissue - some customer had it on hold but never came to get it so it is now mine!! Plus, I am waiting till May 1st to pick it up because I get 500 dollars of gift cards!!

She went out of her way for me and I LOVE this bag!!

I am glad I waited for something I really wanted instead of that red bag with the double flaps!!

I can't wait for May 1!!!

Oh and I don't even have to place on my Bloomies charge!! How cool is that?


Nov 15, 2007
Was it Fiel that waited on you? I bought my first Chanel from her...she looked for the bag in the stockroom for 45 minutes until she found the medium black falp with silver HW to make sure I got it before the price increase in November!