1. So I went to my boutique today to get my Ali sent in for repairs. It was fraying on the part were the ring of the strap is. Luckily my regular SA was there so she said for me to wait a minute and see what see can do. .. Well five minutes later she comes out from the back with a NEW PURSE!!:yahoo: I was sooo shocked that she just replaced my bag. She said she didnt want me to bother with shipping and waiting and all that stuff. THe new one looks lighter to me, cuz I guess the whiskey gets darker over time. ANd I do miss my old one cuz it was starting to get its own "shine". Anyways just wanted to share.

    Also one thing I ordered the red and grenn patent coin purse. She said there were only 62 of the green left and 100something of the red left. So girls better snatch those babies up before they disappear.
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. It is so nice to hear about a great SA
  4. yayy! I've done that before and made peoples day so I can understand how you feel.
  5. oh wow, i had a similar experience like that with my ipod nano.
  6. yea me too!

    but thanks for letting us know how limited the coin purses are...i need to decide ASAP if i really want one!
  7. Nice! You've got a great SA there!
  8. congrats! that's what happened last year with my beloved beaded tote - i thought i was gonna get a 'tough luck, we can't repair it', and instead i got full merchandise credit back and i was able to get another bag i really loved! (since, obviously, i didn't wanna have the same problem with another beaded tote.)
  9. That was very nice of her. That's happened to my friend before.
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Congrats!!
  12. awww thanks everyone :love: I promised this time to take care of the bag, hehe, no more putting in on floors. Believe it or not my old Ali had a 2 inch pen mark on the flap. I felt sooo bad when she replaced it, cuz it feels like i didnt deserve it. And regarding the patnet coin purses, my boyfriend was the one who told me to get the green one too, cuz he said that if people like them soo much, maybe I can sell it on eBay later. I dont know if that will really happen, I have a feeling I'm not letting go of either of those coin purses.:graucho:
  13. The coin purses are awesome!

    I showed it to my SA yesterday (she knows my Mom and I really love the accessories) and she said, "Oh no you didn't..."

    And I said, "Oh yes we did!" :graucho: