i love my red epi koala wallet. that's all.

  1. i absolutely adore it. love the color. love the size, love everything about it
  2. Good on you, red Epi is gorgeous.:love:
  3. i love allof my lvs to death!
    especially my vernis!
  4. i agree, that red epi is gorgeous as well.
  5. i LOVE my red epi agenda. it makes me happy just seeing it in my bag. so glad you love your wallet!
  6. So happy you're in love! It's nice when things just work and are nice to look at.
  7. congrats. thats all.
  8. i had a monogram one before, w/ only 6 cc slots, after a few months realized it wasn't enough, and went back and got the koala. i love the LV wallets, quality is excellent, and lots of styles are great.