I love my purses but others make me feel guilty

  1. I love my LV and other designer purses. But I hate it that my sister-in-law makes me feel horrible about having them. She says things like she wants a LV purse but then for the price she thinks about all the other things she could get for the money. She 's all into gadgets and is always buying something new. So I know she likes to go shopping. But she makes me feel like I'm the horrible person in spending and that she isn't foolish enough to spend so much money. It makes it worse that her and her husband, before they got married, were considering buying her an LV purse but then they decided to buy a new and expensive house (which was so not worth the price since the house is pretty small and it was way overpriced and the market is starting to go down). I also think she wants her husband to buy the purse for her so that she can tell everyone how much he loves her(gag). Which is what she did when she got her ring. UGH!
  2. what a strange in-law! She makes you feel horrible but yet is wanting one herself? She is simply JEALOUS of you my dear. Don't let others opinions get to you, don't question your passion. There is nothing wrong with buying expensive purses that you love!
  3. Don't let her get to you. All those pricey gadgets she bought will be obsolete in five years, but your LV purse will always be in style!
  4. JEALOUS!!!! O ye. What does a house have to do with a purse. You can't compare the two. Everyone is into their own thing. SOme people are into new cell phone, lap tops etc. and some are into purses. One thing isn't better or more justified than another.
  5. Some of my friends and family don't get my purse addiction. I have been criticized over buying expensive handbags. My response to them is…..I don't go on expensive trips, I work hard for the money, and it's MY money and this is how I choose to spend it! Nuff said! LoL
  6. Just ignore her. Everyone has something they put their $$$ into and yours just happen to be purses.

  7. Sort of the same thing over here, apart from the working part since I have three kids and I am staying at home in the moment.
    My mother in law really does not get my love for fashion, bags , purses, designer childrens wear etc...but who cares.
    She spends her money elsewhere, just go ahead and ignore her.
  8. To each their own! Designer purchases are easy targets for criticism. Bah, just ignore and enjoy your treasures!
  9. We all have taken a verbal beating at one time or another over our purse habit. I think it is a fact of life there are some people that get jealous easily and women are sometimes mean to each other about designer things. Just let it go, she just puts you down to make herself feel better. I have never understood people like this, but that is how they are. When I see someone with great shoes, purses, houses, I tend to say I love your.....
    I may be a little envious myself, but I keep that to myself and if I really want something I find a creative way to get it. You have to be happy with yourself and know that her issues are her psychological stuff coming at you and not your problem.
  10. Can I say jealous???
  11. She is very petty and completely jealous. I know she is your sister-in-law but I would watch how much time you spend with jealous people. My EX-best friend tried to ruin my marriage because of my looks, my home, my car, my clothes and my PURSES! She though that if she got rid of my hubby it would take away my money supply. She always was competeing with me. It makes me sick and it backfired. I had been a great friend to her, I always listened to her issues, gave her money, bought her dinner and lunches at nice restaurants and even had given her my older LV's and other designer bags and now nothing.

    Also, where is it her business to complain or say ANYTHING about what you have and what you and your husband choose to do with YOUR money? Tell her she is tool and she needs to get bent. GAG. Jealous bit*hes like her make me sick.
  12. i agree with everyone else. she's jealous that you have beautiful bags. you choose to spend your money one way and she chooses to spend hers another. some people just live to make others miserable. sounds like that might be her thing.
  13. My soon to be sister in law is the same.

    She says she likes all of the expensive designer purses but tells me about all of the things she could buy if she didn't spend the money on bags...

    Whatever. I'm single.. I make my own money. I can spend my own money however I choose, as long as I can pay the bills too, ya know?
  14. I hate when people feel bad about themselves and then feel the need to spread it to others. It's immature and just plain ugly.
  15. My sister-in-law does the same thing. She says purses are stupid to waste money on, but yet she has several snowboards that she paid over $900 each.