I Love My Pregnancy Pillow...

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  1. THis weekend I bought a Snoogle...a pregnancy full body pillow. It's great. Does anyone else have one?
  2. I bought one for a friend during her pregnancy... she said it was a life saver. I need to get one. Are there any deals?

  3. Not really. At least I didn't really look for any which I probably should have. It was around $52. I was taken back a little by the price, but its worth it.
  4. yea, that's about the price i paid for my friends. i guess necessities for pregnancies never go on sale.
  5. ^^ haha agree. there are a few things that are NEVER on sale...

    1. pregnancy essentials
    2. Newborn/ infant clothes and care/ essentials

    i've got a pregnancy pillow too... diff brand but i prefer not to use it cos my daughter likes to have direct contact with the bed when im sleeping on my side. I think she is taking the bed as a trampolin! But she forgot that my belly is the thin patty in between her and my bed!!!!!!
  6. I wanted to marry my pregnancy pillow :smile:
  7. I love mine! I have the huge full body Boppy pillow and I just love it to pieces. I sleep so much better with it though it took a bit to get used to.
  8. Lmao...
  9. Its funny because it kind of feels like sleeping in a plastic tube from a water park.
  10. i have the boppy pillow nad i love it!! so does DH he steals it from me at night sometimes hahaha
  11. I also had the boppy pregnancy body pillow and :love:LOVED:love: it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still use it sometimes when I simply can't get comfy :biggrin:
  12. hubby got me the snoogle - i love it!
  13. Can you elaborate a bit more on why you like them so much? I wonder if I need one. Im a major side sleeper. Never ever a back sleeper.
  14. I'm a side sleeper too, and thinking of getting one. I'm not pregnant tho, but that doesn't really matter I guess!
  15. i just bought one!!!! im a back sleeper and im losing sleep b/c i have to constantly wake myself up to turn onto my side. when i wake up in the morning, my back and hips hurt from sleeping on my side!