I love my Paul Frank pajamas!

  1. I have these great Paul Frank PJs, and they are so comfortable! (I'm actually wearing them now :yes: ) They're really cute and really warm. Does anyone else have any of Paul's stuff?

    [​IMG](Except mine are red)
  2. So do I! I have Paul Frank pj set and a bath robe.
  3. i have 4 pairs of his pj pants and 2 boxer shorts for summer which i love, love, love! i also like his screen tee's for casual days.
  4. AW, those are so cute!!
  5. i love PF PJS!

    hehe. there's an apple one with the wormy that is super cute as well.
  6. so cute!
  7. Those are cute! :biggrin: I want them
  8. Yes, I also have Paul Frank PJ's..
  9. me too! I have the blue ones, love em :biggrin:
  10. never mind :smile:
  11. They look sooo cute!! I bet it looks better in red.:heart:
  12. Yes I have pink cotton ones with the monkey and purple flannel ones with teddy bear heads. They shrink a lot, so they fit me perfectly now!
  13. I have blue pj's and... 3 or 4 t-shirts. Cute stuff!