I love my Paddy but.....

  1. I have the Paddy satchel in blanc and it's one of my favorite bags. But sometimes I prefer to leave it at home to admire its beauty rather than to take it out. Because whenever I take it out, it's a bit cumbersome with the lock. It's hard to get in and out of and sometimes I damage things when I don't pay attention and just flop the lock down. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely adore my paddy but it's beginning to annoy me at times. LOL. Anyone else feel this way?
  2. sweetsparkle - I leave mine completely unzipped, and consider the lock, flap and zipper tabs as mainly decoration - I do keep one of the zipper tabs on the lock loop to protect the plate, but not the one that criss-crosses the opening. This makes it much easier to get in and out of. Do you keep yours zipped & locked and is that what makes it difficult to access? Or does even the flipping drive you nuts? You could even leave the lock flipped backwards, unzipped - that's a good look too.
    But yeah, there is definitely a cumbersome price to pay to carry a beautiful paddy - whether it's the weight or the access! Right now it doesn't make me want to throw it out the door - but maybe someday!!
  3. I keep my zippers unzipped and pushed to the sides. I think it's the flipping of the lock that drives me nuts. But I will certainly use your suggestion of keeping the lock flipped to one side! :biggrin:
  4. Thats the reason, well one reasons I sold mine, the zippers sort of drove me nuts.
  5. maybe we can start a new trend and take the lock off and let it dangle from a different part of the bag. :smile: I'm in love with the pocket paddy and saving to get one in taupe but I don't want to get bruised if I accidentally smash the lock into my ribcage while flipping it open on the go
  6. callmelulu - you're so cute and funny :biggrin: my fiance always complain how the lock on my paddy damages all his things when I flip it open. sigh. i love it but there must be a better way to handle this heavy lock!
  7. Hey, how about getting a cheap-o inspired bag from Target or elsewhere and use its lightweight lock on the bag - spare yourself, your fiance and your lock some dings and save the heavy one for special occasions!!! Eeek, I know - that's paddy sacrilege! What am I saying??
  8. The same exact reason why I returned my light blue paddy. The lock was getting in my nerves.
  9. Sorry it's being a problem for you...

    I leave my zippers undone too,I just keep the lock flipped over to close.Find it very easy to use.

    Somehow I have never found the bag at all heavy.

    And the only thing that sometimes startles me is when I flip the lock back to open the bag on a glass counter in a store,and it hits the counter with a terrible clatter!!

    I always have to check that it hasn't shattered the counter:lol: .
  10. Maybe this is why I can't bring myself to carry my blanc pocket. Or is it that it is heavier than the b-bag? I do think the lock is a pain, and I don't even carry it around! And it seems to just fall into the center of the bag anyway...not sure what the point is.
  11. i took my lock off the few times i've carried it and the key;.then i figure what's the point..plus the leather is like ten times heavier than anyone else's bags....they are pretty but such a pain...
  12. I have mastered the art of lock flipping, it doesnt bother me in the least.
  13. I just take the lock off. I know that defeats the point but I have the larger tote, and it's too heavy for me WITH the lock on!
  14. I've got to master the art of lock flippin too!!! ;)
  15. sometimes i keep the lock on one of the hardware peices and not on the flap .. and if i am in a hurry and fear bumping it around i just take the lock off and place it in the zip pocket inside the bag .... :smile:
    sometimes i keep it zipped but other times i just keep it upzipped and flap down
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