I love my new ursula zip clutch!!!!

  1. Here it is!!! After some choosing and researching between LV and MJ, I decided i liked the MJ one better. I cannot stop smiling everytime i look at the clutch! LOVE IT!!!:heart: :love: :love: :love: This time, MJ wins, hands down!!!:yahoo: :greengrin:

    THe cream is so yummy!!!:upsidedown:
    myursulazipclutch_pow.jpg myursulazipclutchinterior_pow.jpg myursulazipclutch.jpg
  2. It's beautiful! Congrats! I finally gave in and bought a black zip clutch a couple of months ago and love it.
  3. Beautiful. I bought a second zip clutch in patent mousse this week and I think it's one of the best wallets! MJ can make a wallet!
  4. that's a great wallet. i'm contemplating buying one for myself!
  5. Yes~! I never knew how great the zip clutch was until i accidentally came across one yesterday when i sent my putty stam in for repairs!

    I am so glad i bought this cream one. i love it to bits! Plus, it holds so much and keeps everything organized with the various separators and compartments!!! yay!
  6. Oh I love that! I'm planning on ordering a zip clutch this week! Congrats on yours!
  7. that's beautiful!!

    i wanted a zip clutch but ended up getting the lv damier koala...maybe one day, though!
  8. The wallet is definitely gorgeous. Can i ask how many credit card slots are there? Thanks
  9. What a beauty! Congrats!! I've been eyeing his clutches for a while, and that one is quite pretty.
  10. Super cute clutch luna,your papillon seems to approve of your choice :smile: .OT,but I just had to tell you I love your adorable paps,they are super little dogs.
  11. I love your new wallet. I bought the exact same one in a shade of red called "Lobster" I loves it!! It has 6 cc slots and a bunch of cute compartments. I don't use wallets but I fell in love with this one. I had to go back to Saks twice before I decided to buy it. :yes: :P
  12. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. I never knew i would be carrying a long wallet. I have always been a small wallet and stuff-everything-you-can in it kind of person. Now i have have this zip clutch, i can keep everything organized. Less messy. I could even fit my passport, keys, and cellphone in it!! Everthing is much better this way.

    Even better, the 6cc slots can be double slotted! The nice compartments make it all simple and worthwhile.

    On top of all these, the clutch zips close nicely without showing any signs of bulk. This is truly amazing. No one would have imagine i had so much in it.

    harm0ni, yes 6cc slots and you can double slot all of them!

    Cat, yes, i love my pap to bits. he is just too adorable. He likes to get cozy on the dust bags i bring home with my handbag purchases.

    janice, i saw the red ursula lobster bowler and i must say that red is TDF!! They did not have the zip clutch in the RED, or i would have grabbed that too!

    I saw some of the other colors, the non-quilted ones. Somehow, the shiny patent gives the clutch a little something special which i can't quite put my finger on.

    Maybe when i'm in a different mood, i would buy one of the calfskin ones. But in the meantime, i'm enjoying my new shiny cream zippy!!
  13. I have a calf leather one in Cherry Blossom and love it. I use it when I go out at night as well. It can hold quite a lot of stuff.
  14. PuUuUuUrE Beauty Luna!!!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love:
    you surely know what you want girl!! i didnt imagine it this gorgeos until i saw your pics here!! i really hope u enjoy it a l:huh::huh::huh::huh::huh:t!! :flowers: and in my openion you got the greatest color ever!!! such full of life!! i so love these colors on wallets, they make us happy!!
    oh your dog :heart:

    edit!: silly me i forgot to say cOnGraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats!!!
  15. vanilla_addict, thanks!! i really like the cream color on this one. Really special IMO. You're right, the nice colors on wallets make me happy. I prefer colors to neutrals when it comes to wallets.

    I hope MJ comes up with a purple zip clutch soon.

    I am still staring at my zip clutch!! yikes!!