I love my new ring *Pics*

  1. I just adore my new ring.

    It's 18K white gold with a 6.21 carat fancy cut blue topaz with .30ct of H, VS1 diamonds.

    I just love it.

  2. Another pic

  3. And the last pic

  4. Very pretty. I especially like the hearts on the gallery. Congrats on such a beautiful new ring. :smile:
  5. OMG... that color is so mesmerizing and the setting is gorgeous!
  6. Ooh, I just love blue topaz. It's one of my favorite stones. Congrats!
  7. :love:
  8. it's beautiful, congrats!
  9. that's gorgeous!!
  10. I love it! Do you mind me asking where you got it??
  11. gorgeous! the little hearts are great.
  12. i love it too
  13. Gorgeous! What a beautiful colour, you could almost drown in it. Any modelling pics?
  14. Beautiful...Congrats!!
  15. I found it in a local, privately owned store where I live (Canada).

    I haven't taken any pics of me wearing it but will see if I can get some that don't turn out blurry.