I love my new mini pochette! Some S/S info!!

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  1. Ok, I remember a while back I got told off by couture girl for saying a pochette looked 'cheap' but i am a convert to the sweet little bags!!:tup:
    I am in love! I picked it up yesterday and its just perfect!
    I love the stamp, it just gives it that something extra. I know we have all seen these around recently but hey, nothing wrong with some more pics!

    I know this may be sad, but the manager showed me the lookbook yesterday! I was soo happy! I know anyone can ask to see the lookbook, but i felt a little bit happy that he was like oh i have this to show you!:yes:

    Got some info on SS. There is a bag in amarante coming out, now the bowly but the size of the Beverly clutch. It has the LV plaque on and also has links in the strap, like the rita.It looks like the Sophie but bigger and in vernis!:nuts: Love it! £430 in the lookbook, and im waitlisted for that and the mirage speedy!
    I put the other info in label addicts SS thread!

    So here are the pics xx Oh and my Saleya STILL hasnt come in! 1 month and still counting!!!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Congrats, I really love this cute little purse. I just made a reservation at my local LV for it and will pick it up on saturday:yahoo:.

    Your dog is cute too:smile:
  4. ^^ LOVE IT!!!!
    Aha i love mine to. I have been staring at mine all day!!!Lol
    Was there a pic of the amarante stuff?
    I saw the look book for 1 second! Then they put it away.:sad:
    I love the sound of the Amarante bag with the plaque!
    i want it.
    Thanks for the info
    hope your well:yes:
  5. Congrats! I love it, the pochette is so adorable.:tup:
  6. Congrats! Would you say this is big enough for nights out/nipping to shops etc...im torn between the cuteness of this or the practicality of the regular pochette!
  7. Very very cute, I adore it! Great photos!
  8. ^^ it's good for fitting phone & Purse inside if that helps.
  9. Love the mini pochette. Very cute!
  10. Love it! and i do hope you get your saleya soon, it's a bummer having to wait for things!
  11. Adorable! Congrats!
  12. It is very cute.
  13. Congrats on your new pochette. Sure is cute.
  14. Congrats I convinced myself to buy this pochette too. I'm so glad I came on the forum a few weeks ago when they posted the pic of this mini pochette. That same day I was going to order the regular mono mini pochette & I didn't . I took time to think it over and I finally decided this will be my next purchase. After that I want to buy an Azur Saleya - I just missed it on Elux :sad:
    What size/color Saleya are you waiting for?
  15. Congrats its cute